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    Help needed!  New to Adobe Designer

      I am new to Adobe Designer, so pls forgive me if this is a stupid question...I have also tried to search for the answer - but no luck...

      This is the requirement:
      - the user opens a PDF form
      - the user fills in the required fields
      - the user clicks on a SEND button
      - an alert is shown "PDF sent!"
      ==> I.e. this button should send the PDF form to a pre-defined e-mail address in the BACKGROUND. The user should not see the e-mail, nor be able to edit it. I.e. we are looking for a way to send the PDF to an e-mail address without being dependant on whether the user has an e-mai client or not. The receiver should see an e-mail in his inbox with the PDF form attached to it and a standard text.

      Is this possible to achieve? What is required?

      I appreciate all suggestions!

      Kind regards,
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          This can be done by submitting a form in the usual way, that is to a
          web server. Forget any idea of doing this by silently sending an email
          from the end user.

          On the web server would be software created by an experienced web
          programmer. It would receive the form data. If you want to email a
          completed form to the customer, you will also need to license Adobe
          LiveCycle Forms software for the server, to convert the submitted form
          data back into a PDF.

          Aandi Inston
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            Patrick Leckey Level 3
            > this button should send the PDF form to a pre-defined e-mail address in the BACKGROUND

            This would not only be a HUGE security hole if this were allowed (you can have any PDF form out there e-mailing any information it wants to any address without you even knowing it) but it would also require Acrobat to handle SMTP transfers to a mail sever.

            The solution of allowing the OS-defined default mail client to handle this solves both problems. Aandi's option is what you would have to do - submit the data via webservice and have your remote server e-mail out the data.