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    Why docRef = open(fileObj,rawOpt); doesnot work?


      I'm trying to open a RAW file without header, so I want to say to Photoshop what dimensions I want. This is my idea:

      var filename = File.openDialog("RAW");
      if (filename) {
      var rawOpt = new CameraRAWOpenOptions();
      rawOpt.settings = CameraRAWSettingsType.CAMERA;
      var fileObj = new File(filename);
      rawOpt.bitsPerChannel = BitsPerChannelType.EIGHT;
      docRef = open(fileObj,rawOpt);

      But my Photoshop CS2 fails telling me that docRef = open(fileObj,rawOpt); is not implented.

      However if I use open(fileObj) it works, but it shows me a dialog to insert dimensions and I ddont like that.

      Any idea/suggestion?

      Thanks a lot for your time.