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    Trigger to update calculated fields?

      I have a document that uses extensive calculation of fields, both with javascripts and simple calculations. My problem is that some of the dependent fields don't update when the fields they depend on change.

      My calculations all *work*, but sometimes I have to make an unnecessary change in a particular field, say changing a number from 3 to 0 then back to 3, in order to get all of the cascading calculations to take place.

      How can I control when calculated fields calculate? I hate having to make spurious changes just to kick-start all of the calculations that should be happening automatically.

      An example would be a total field that adds up the values of, say, 5 sub-fields. One of those sub-fields is calculated based on the value of a combo box. But when I change what's in the combo box, it doesn't automatically change the value of the sub field and the total field doesn't change. But if I go into a *different* one of the 5 sub-fields and change it, suddenly everything works.