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    secure, multi-section form with administrative rights

      I want to create a form that has sections we'll call "yes", "no", and "maybe". Only one section is visible at any time, and only someone with administrative rights can choose which section is visible. Once the section is chosen and the form saved, that section cannot be changed by anyone without admin rights. Can this be done in Acrobat?

      The proposed use process would go something like this:
      1. Admin receives order and pulls the form.
      2. Admin clicks "yes", "no", or "maybe" (tab? radio button?) to reveal the applicable section.
      3. Admin fills in some portions, saves the form, and passes it down the line.
      4. Down the line, the form is opened and the rest of the form is filled. If "yes", "no" or "maybe" is clicked, nothing happens because this user has no admin rights.
      5. The completed form is saved.

      I know it would save a lot of effort to make three separate forms. The reason for the single, multi-section form is so the other two sections can be filled on a later date. This saves the effort of refilling the other parts of the form with same data, or changing same data on three separate forms. In addition, admin can open a filled form and click among the different sections to review each section off the one form.

      Did that make sense? If so, can it be done in Acrobat?