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    resize window (Mac)

      How can I change the auto-resize fit to window?

      I find that Acrobat resizes its window to just too large for my 17in MacBook Pro screen, though it resizes just fine to the attached 30in screen. However, I need to view documents on the smaller screen and work on my main screen.

      For instance a two-page spread A4 page resizes to 68.7% which means I have to press the down key twice to get to the next page, while at 68% I only need to press the down key button once because the whole page displays, not 99.8% (or whatever). It is also really annoying having to change the displayed page size manually before I can work on a document.

      Never had to script Acrobat before, so any help would be appreciated. Also does Acrobat allow a keyboard shortcut and/or a button for a script.

      Thx in advance