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    HTTPS call SOAP Request

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      I did SOPA request call in PDF along with the oAuthenticate. It worked.

      When change the URL to HTTPS://....

      This is the error message i am getting in the consol.

      "NetwrokError: A network connection could not be created."

      Why is it so, If I run the https URL in IE , it is working fine. But it will promte userid and pwd dialog...

      Thats the reason we have given oAuthenticate object in SOAP Request.

      Please help me.
      var response = SOAP.request(
      cURL: cURL,
      oRequest: { "http://services.test.com/message:Message": {Message : CNAMessage}},
      cAction: "http://services.test.com/Service/RouterInvocation",
      oAuthenticate: myAuthentication,
      cResponseStyle: SOAPMessageStyle.Message
      var value = response[0].soapValue[0].soapValue;
      console.println("value = " + value);

      In my console - response[0] has no properties - This is the message I am getting...

      Please help me to read my response...

      Or Is there any wrong in my script?.

      Need help