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    Projector Problem

      I have designed and scripted a media player that plays video, but when I go to publish it, the projector shows for one second then closes.
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          You probably need a frame script that will loop the playback head. This one
          maight work, if you aren't doing any animation.

          on exitFrame me
          go to the frame

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            Since upgrading to 10.4.6 I cannot seem to make ("publish") a projector anymore. It goes through the usual routine producing something looking like a projector (sometiems without the usual icon), but if I double click on the file it generated, I just get a textEdit window with a number of character in it.

            When I generate a projector from 10.3.9 on a different system but with the identical Director app, all is well. What is the problem here? By the way, I did the recent MM Director Shockwave update, but the problem remained.