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    Streaming Video in Shockwave

    Applied CD Level 1
      I would like to stream video to a shockwave application without using a Flash Media Server, no Quick Time, and without directly accessing an ActiveX component. To make things worse, I need to disable DTS. I'm not asking for much, right? ;-)

      The project looks cool when playing from a CD using the stanard MX04 projector with mpg 2 files (using the tabuleiro advanced mpg xtra), now the client wants to put it on the web. I can stream WMV but I can't turn off DTS. I can stream QuickTime but the client understandably doesn't want to make the project QuickTime dependent (or RM dependent either). I can stream FLV but no one wants to pay yet another hosting company for specialized services. Going directly to an ActiveX component is just risky. Anyone have ideas?

      Resources I have available:
      Director MX04
      Flash MX04
      Dreamweaver MX04
      Cleaner 5
      Premier 6.5
      A hosting service that will allow us to run CGI executables but doesn't understand the difference between an SWF and an FLV