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    working with sensitive information in Help

    Tech Writer KC Level 1

      I'm looking for advice on how to deal with including "sensitive" information in Help. Specifically, there's a request to add information in Help on how our software's security settings are handled (i.e. setting up a user's security settings to access certain areas or perform certain functions within our software).

      Regarding access, what's the best or most recommended method of limiting this information to only certain users (i.e. our customers' system administrators), without their end users seeing it? The issue would be a "regular" user accessing this information and finding a way of changing their own settings without the permission or consent of their sys admin.

      The most immediate idea would be to maintain separate "Admin" and "End User" versions of the help system. This wouldn't be much work on my end, but I'm not sure if long-term there's interest in having different versions floating around, and of course if a savvy user finds where the admin-oriented help is located....

      I'm open to any and all ideas. FWIW, we use RH 7 and our Help is in Microsoft HTML (.chm) files.