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    [CS3 JS] Help with adding textMacros

    David Pitsford
      I can get a textMacro added with the following.
      app.textMacros.add("myName", "this is some text")

      What I am having trouble with is having the Remember Text Attributes be grabed or set to true.

      Any one know what the syntax is for setting this during the add()

      also how do you insert a macro via a javascript?

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          David Pitsford Level 1
          Any one have ideas on how to do this????

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            These forums are pointless. Adobe must believe that other users will cut the mustard. Absolutely a waste of effort for everyone. Adobe should PAY at least a junior developer involved in the projects to monitor and help with these posts. FLEX rules yeah and thousands more do scripting than develop plug ins...

            Come on Adobe, step up your better than this. Customer Service can be free to the customers ... we are not talking about GET IT ALL FREE, talking about buy it and create a community and support it, but then again LAYERS and INDESIGN SECRETS have people who actually want to help users rather than rabbit hole everything.

            Please join hands and SING...