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    Creating a script for inserting images

      I am new to the scripting concept, so please forgive me when I use incorrect terminology.

      I would like to create a script that will automatically place images in my InCopy document. Basically I want to type the names of image files in an InCopy document then run a script that will replace the name of the file with the actual image (either as an embedded image or as an image in a graphics frame, although the graphics frame might not work if the document isn't linked to an InDesign document.)

      I'm assuming I'd have to identify the image name in some way (slashes or something before and after) and during the script I'd have to identify where to find the given images, such as which folder they are in.

      Is this possible in InCopy?

      Eventually, these InCopy documents will be used in InDesign. Would it be better/faster to use a script to import these images into InDesign instead of InCopy?

      (In case the information is important, the images are all either .tif files or .eps files.)

      Also, how do I find someone who can write this script for me? I'm assuming there are freelance programmer people out there... how do I find one?

      Thanks for any advice/help you can give me!