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    Need initial pointers about InCopy scriping -


      I have a client who has stored thousands of InCopy documents with valid styles applied to segments of it.

      Now my requirement is to create a template which has XML tag -> Style mapping.

      Considering that template, I am suppose to open all the InCopy documents, apply that Tag -> Style mapping to it and then convert all of them to XML and persist the data in DB.

      Is there a programmatic way as to apply XML tags to a document based on the styles used?

      Please educate. I am a complete newbie to InCopy - so please bare with my questions,

      Thank you, Appreciate your help.

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          Hi Friends,

          I visited the site thoroughly and got to learn something about Adobe InCopy scripting with Java Script.

          I am able to do some simple stuff like - storing icml documents as xml based on the style names.

          My further requirements are -

          1. Write an event listener which would be triggered when document is saved and automatically it saves it as xml.
          2. Write a js - which would load files from a directory one by one and run the above script on each of them one by one. (Like open 1 file, save it & close it)

          Please guide,

          Thank you,