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    Keeping Original Pagination in PDFs Exported from InDesign

      Does anyone know of a way to export PDFs from InDesign so Acrobat will reflect the actual page numbers in the original InDesign document? I'm trying to explore a way to create electronic page proofs in spreads for magazine proofing, but some of the magazines we work on have splits (ex. meaning that there may be two or three page 25s because the content on that page may be different in versions going to New York and California). So, in order to keep spreads accurate (Odd-Even) those duplicate pages would have to show up singularly and the rest to show up as spreads. Is this possible?
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          I would think your InDd document would have to be numbered so each page has its correct page number. InDd will complain if you try to have 3 page 25s, maybe you can number them 25a, 25b, 25c etc.
          I work in Prepress. We don't use facing page documents because of issues like this, we make "fake" spreads by joining single pages into spreads. Then you can have a "spread" of just one page, for your duplicate 25s.