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    Make script work on current page AS

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      I've made the following script for adding a text object with the name of a linked item, but it only works when the item is on the first page of the document:

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      tell document 1
      set linkName to (name of item link of all graphics of item 1 of selection)
      on error
      display dialog "Select a linked item to add its name." buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1
      end try
      set linkID to id of selection
      set geoBounds to geometric bounds of selection
      set nameYpos to ((item 3 of geoBounds) + 0.0625) as real
      set fullNameCount to number of characters of linkName
      set nameCount to (fullNameCount - 4)
      set linkNameNoSuffix to (characters 1 thru nameCount) of linkName as string
      set linkTextFrame to make text frame
      set avgXpos to ((item 4 of geoBounds) + (item 2 of geoBounds)) * 0.5
      if ((item 4 of geoBounds) - (item 2 of geoBounds)) < 2 then
      set geometric bounds of linkTextFrame to {nameYpos, avgXpos - 1, nameYpos + 0.25, avgXpos + 1}
      set geometric bounds of linkTextFrame to {nameYpos, (item 2 of geoBounds), nameYpos + 0.25, (item 4 of geoBounds)}
      end if
      set contents of linkTextFrame to linkNameNoSuffix
      tell text frame 1
      tell paragraph 1
      set justification to center align
      set point size to 10
      end tell
      end tell
      set linkTextID to id of linkTextFrame
      set selection to {}
      set linkGroup to make group with properties {group items:{text frame id linkTextID, rectangle id linkID}}
      end tell
      end tell

      Can anyone tell me how to get it to work on whatever page the selected linked item is on? Thanks in advance.

      Mike D.