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    JS CS2/3, Win XP - Image Size

      Hi all,

      I place a huge number of images supplied from a client to a catalogue, Some of these images supplied, while they show up as 300 pixels/inch, are actualy low res images that have simply been modified to show up as 300 pixels/inch.

      When I place these images I place them in small place holder frames and hence it is not very obvious that these are in fact low res images.

      Is there any way where I can identify these sort of files via a script?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
          (CS3--possibly also CS2) Images of any bitmap file format have two resolution properties: effectivePpi -- "The resolution of a graphic after it has been resized" and actualPpi -- "The native resolution of a placed graphic."

          But ...

          >[...] modified to show up as 300 pixels/inch

          If the files have been resampled to 300 dpi, that's the number that'll pop up in the two properties. A script cannot check if a file has been upsampled.
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            Thats bad news for me..........

            Anyway, thanks for responding jongware!!!