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    CS3: typography and end nested style delimiters


      I'm trying to trick InDesign into exporting INX files in which all nested style delimiters are marked by an ENS character (a processing instruction in the exported INX). This makes the transform to XML much easier, because you can group adjacent, like-styled text without actually processing that text to find instances of character delimiters.

      I've written a JavaScript to process a layout, inserting an ENS character at every instance of any non-ENS delimiter (as defined in the paragraph style). The problem is that this seems to affect the layout in unanticipated ways.

      All seems well -- the nested character styles are properly applied, and InDesign seems to be paying attention to the required character delimiters and ignoring the inserted ENS characters. Mostly.

      In some cases, the ENS characters affect the typography of a paragraph. They seem to adjust applied kerning. The flow of text adjusts slightly at the insertion of the ENS character.

      I'd much appreciate any input on how InDesign handles ENS characters, especially when they aren't called for by the nested style definition.