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    (JS CS4) How to draw line

      I am such a rookie when it comes to scripting. My challenge is to draw a couple of lines on the master page. I have a 3 column text frame on the master page and want to place a line between the columns.
      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Hi Ken,

          I wrote this script that may help you.
          If anyone can tell me a better way of calculating placement of the lines, please let me know - such a dork at math :-)
          And btw - please also let me know how to properly consider insetspacing.

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            Thanks Thomas,

            That seems to work fine. And it put the graphicline exactly where it should be.

            I notice that the placement of the line is related to the weight of the stroke on the text frame. I was using the stroke centered on the path and a stroke weight of 1 point. That translated to the graphicline being positioned .333 pt from the mathematically correct position. By changing the stroke on the text frame to stroke on the outside of the path, it returned to the proper position.

            I have not had to consider the text inset since I control that in the paragraph styles of the text.

            Thank you for your help.