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    Memory issues with scripted CS4 app


      ID 6.0.1
      Intel Quad core 2.93GHz
      Win XP SP3 and all updates installed
      4gB DDR3 memory (2x2gb)
      Acrobat 9 pro

      I have a scripted InDesign application that uses InDesign to place PDF files into what ultimately are saddle stitched books. My script starts ID, chooses a master based on the number of pages in my booklet, places pages, exports a PDF and then loops back through with a new configuration of pages. I've started noticing some strange behavior that I am guessing may be related to memory. Every once in a while the output PDF contains the correct number of pages but some of the pages are blank. If I re-run the script, sometimes I get an output that is correct and sometimes I get an output that has different blank pages. I'm at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this. The output booklets are typically about 20 mb and my individual PDFs are between 500K and 2mB each. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts how to troubleshoot?