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    InDesign CS3 structure vs. InCopy CS4

      Hi there,

      We're attempting to move to an InCopy workflow and have run into a significant problem that *seems* to be related to the nested structure of our InDesign source files. Wondering if anyone has run into this or has ideas on solutions/workarounds.

      After exporting the assignment from InDesign CS3, InCopy basically just refuses to see the contents of the two main (well-structured) stories, a la "Because this document contains no InCopy stories, Galley View and Story View are not available."

      So far, the only way that production staff have found for stories to be successfully exported to InCopy for editing is by untagging the story frames, which is unacceptable as it requires the full document to be re-structured from scratch afterwards. Our existing structuring workflow uses a combination of tags->styles, followed by image tagging and a series of javascripts that add hierarchy and guide the creation of metadata and references.

      The basic XML structure is (approximate to) rootdoc with 3 children, metadata, intro, and body. intro and body correspond to the two main stories in the InDesign files; each also may have any number of anchored or (less frequently) unanchored tagged images.

      Any case, very disappointed and perplexed by the issue, as all of the InCopy promotional materials play up the ability to edit via structure view (or even raw XML). We're working on getting a copy of InDesign CS4 to check that the version conflict isn't at issue, my guess is that it wasn't. Would welcome any thoughts, + thanks.
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          Continuing to work on this, the root of the problem appears to be tagged images. If I delete or untag all of the non-inline (floating) images, the story shows up as editable in InCopy. Inline images fail to show up as elements in the structure pane, but don't prevent editing. Still not sure if this is an InCopy or InDesign issue. At minimum, now have a workaround (untagging images, editing text, then retagging images before export to XML) that's annoying but less intensive than full re-structuring.

          Anyone run into similar issues? Thanks again.
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            So other than the tagged images does InCopy CS4 and InDesign CS3 work well enough together? We're testing a Windows copy of InCopy CS4 with a Mac copy of InDesign CS3 and are having some problems. The InCopy user can make edits to the story and saves, but the InDesign user is not getting a notification that file needs updating or is unable to see any changes opening the saved InCopy file. I've seen a thread suggesting that the two aren't completely compatible. http://forums.adobe.com/message/1277702#1277702   But it sounds as though you're having at least some success with the two.