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    Place an InDesign spread

    jay fresno Level 2
      Is there a method or a script that can place InDesign SPREADS into a single frame in another InDesign document? I know that I can print to PDF with Spreads turned on and place place the PDF spreads into InDesign, but I've not been able to figure out a way to do it with InDesign files other than placing one InDesign page at a time and grouping them before putting them inside a frame.
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          Harbs. Level 6
          I don't think so, but out of curiosity; why do you care if it's two
          pages or one spread?

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            Level 1
            You can use the technique I Bob described here:


            except that you'd create a spread-sized rectangle and then add two page-sized rectangles in it. Finally, placing each page into each of the internal rectangles.

            Not so different from what you're doing now, but the resulting structure is a rectangle with two pasted-in rectangles each containing a page.

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              jay fresno Level 2
              The reason for having a spread is because it is more convenient for my layout. There is no space between the pages, but there is a space between the spreads.

              Thanks for your suggestion. Once I set up a template, your technique would work fine.