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    [CS3] Need an advice : pure XML, pure Javascript or both ?

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
      Hi all,
      I am trying to help someone on a automation process.
      However, I get to a point where I need some bright advice.

      Here is the point.

      We start from a xml workflow for a catalogue. Each major entries consist in a logo placement, some text and can contain a extra picture too.

      A page is divided in 4 vertical blocks. The minimum that a block can contain is the logo & text. So we can have a page filled with 4 entries.

      But some entries can consists in one block for the logo & text and one up to 3 blocks for the extra pictures.

      They may be a few entries consisting in one 4blocks picture without text& logo.

      To spice the thing up, we want to flow the datas based on this concept :
      "If you can place an entry, do. If you don't have space, go to next page".
      It's like a tetris workflow.

      Basically XML should do the trick but I can't success dealing with the variant extra pictures and the placement of all the pageitems.

      So I think I can conceive a script. But I am afraid it's a bit complex, long to process and absolutely not as flexible as xml for updating the datas.

      I have been starting writing it but before spending a lot of time on it, I wanted your advices.

      Sorry for the length of the message, I tried to sum the things up as easy as possible.