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    Scripting with Data Merge to use Merged Data as File Name

      I am looking to create a script that will allow the creation of a single PDF file per record in the data source with the name of the resulting file contained in the data source.

      For example, given the following data table in Excel:

      First_Name Last_Name ResultingFileName
      George Smith c:\GS.pdf
      Mary Lopez c:\mlopez.pdf
      Steve Barns c:\SteveBarns.pdf

      After a data merge and running the newly created script, I would end up with three different .pdf files:

      c:\GS.pdf which would contain George and Smith in their respective text boxes.
      C:\mlopez.pdf which would contain Mary and Lopez in their respective text boxes.

      My goal is to have the original data source contain the resulting document name. I am using the Record Limits Per Document to 1 so that I create a new document per record in the data source.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.