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    Need Freelancer

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      Hello Folks,

      I am about to take a full time position that will preclude my doing any more significant freelance work.

      I have one client (large print shop) in Texas (an excellent client) who pays quickly and is in the middle of a project. I have written 3 InDesign scripted applications for them that will need to be maintained and extended as time moves forward. I will be available to bring the next coder up to speed on the existing code base and how to extend it.

      All of the code is written in ExtendScript (much of it object oriented) with a couple of extensions using Rorohiko's APID (those likely will not need modification). The client is currently using CS3.

      I need to find 3 or 4 people who would be interested in taking this client on. I will need your contact information, and a short note describing your experience and qualifications.

      I will forward your information to my client and help them in the selection process.

      Thank you!