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    Trying create a custom namespace

      Hi i am trying to add custom xmp data in a custom namespace in my indesign script. I have tried this through jsx and flex (patch panel) and still cannot get it to work.

      the code
      doc.metadataPreferences.createContainerItem('http://www.sendmyad.com/1.0/','email',0,Conta inerType.BAG); doc.metadataPreferences.setProperty('http://www.sendmyad.com/1.0/','email/*[1]','someone@ sma.com');

      no matter what i do the xmp is not registered.
      I suspect this is because i dont have a registered namespace. If this is the case is there a way to register a new namespace. In dealing with the xmp core i have found it is easy to register a new namespace, but with the scripting library, i can find nothing.

      Please help i have been researching for days and cannot find the solution to this matter.
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          tstorb1 Level 1

          Not sure if you found the way, but I was needing to do the same as you, and discovered an answer:


          I created a custom namespace by editing the manifest and properties xml, that comes in the Generic Panel folder, that comes with the XMP File Info SDK, changing custom to your namespace.


          Then in the createContainerItem you use the same custom namespace - and it worked.  You should be able to create your Flex Patchpanel, for custom XMP user interface, in a pallete, and / or as a custom panel inside of the File Info dialog.


          Todd Storbeck

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            thanks tstorb1

            unfortunatly i dont think that is what i am looking for.

            My major need is to do this in a jsx indesign server script.

            I think it is crazy for adobe to charge what they charge for indesign server and not support basic custom xmp injection.

            What i want should be simple.


            I want to register a namespace at.

            http://adsml.org/xmlns/ using adsml-at:


            and i want to create a key value pair for something like

            adsml-at:BuyerName = John Doe


            Thanks anyway