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    ID CS3: Applescript Strategy needed to place signature in letter

    powerhat Level 1
      We do letters all the time but signatures are always eyeballed when placing and not locked in so if text rolls, the graphic rectangles stay put. I'm trying to place them dynamically so that they roll with a certain string, like "Signature 1". Of course, we could anchor a box above this text and fill it with a sig image.

      But some people write large and some write small. Some have descenders and some don't. Ideally, because this text string is different on different documents, I want to place the sig so that if there is a descender it lies on top of the first line. To this end, we have normalized our sig files so that there is a standard baseline that is a certain x and y from the bottom left.

      So I could place a large rectangle over the target string and always place the sig file into the same position.

      The trouble is pedestrian. I cannot see that placing the image box can be done over existing text. I looked at object styles, but don't see that they will help me. It's looking for an x and y, and I don't see how to get that from the properties of that string.

      I can see that I can place a rectangle in using the object reference of the string, but not over it. This is broader than Applescript, but I'm thinking someone has figured this out before, though I had not found it in the archives.

      How would you place a sig in a natural and pleasing way consistently in a layout? thanx, sam