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    RapidScriptUI - ScriptUI Generator - free until 3/29/09

    Steven.. Level 3
      We are proud to announce to our fellow scripters that our breakthrough product RapidScriptUI is now available for download at www.scriptui.com.
      We are convinced that our product will make it considerably easier to create ScriptUI code without having to write the error prone code.
      This is how it works, you download the Windows (.net 2.0) application at our website. Design, test your dialog using Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator and save .rapid file. Then go to website www.scriptui.com/upload.aspx and upload your file and email address. click try it free and we will instantly forward to you an email with the JavaScript code.
      After the free trial time, there will be 2 purchase options as detailed on Website, with our basic option starting at just $2.
      For pictures of app and sample dialog created (immitation of new Character Style dialog in InDesign) see www.scriptui.com/gallery.aspx.