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    AlignToPage.jsx every page of a document

      I use a script to place multiple pdfs in Indesign CS4. It works fine but does not center them to the page. I then go to every page, select the item than run AlignToPage.jsx for every page.

      I'm trying to modify the script so every placed pdf of all the page will be align to page (center h/v).

      Can anybody help?


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          I don't know the scripts but i suggust to create a script that after each pdf it places, selects that placed pdf or give the placed pdf as a variable to the AlignToPage and run it.

          Because I never tried running another script from a script, i put "aligntopage.jsx" in a function.

          for (..."each pdf"...){
          var myPlacedPDF = place(...);

          function alignToPage(myPlacedPDF) {

          This is more to give an quick idea.
          If there is someone who experimented with scripts in scripts i would like to know more :-)