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    [JS][CS4] calling function from external file

    Steven.. Level 3
      When setting up an event listener, I currently use 1 of 2 options. Either I attach a file path to a script to run onInvoke, or I call a function which is included in the file creating the menu.

      The difference is that in order to be able to call a function, the file still has to be loaded into memory with '#targetengine session' or the like, where when using a path to a file it need not be loaded into memory.

      The issue with #targetengine... is that it can't be exported to jsxbin leaving the code exposed. The issue with a file path is creating many file that may share certain functions.

      So I was just wondering if it's possible to use a file path combined with a function name to call a specific function in a file without using #targetengine.

      Any help, or if I should try something totally different is appreciated.

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