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    Issues with older versions of APIDToolAssistant/Active Page Item Runtime

    RorohikoKris-u5pUJw Level 2
      Hi all,

      Some word of warning: if you have unexplained crashes when trying to open documents that come from somewhere else, and you have APIDToolAssistant or Active Page Item Runtime installed - please make sure you have the latest version installed; that might be all you need to fix it...

      The actual issue has been fixed for a while, but there are still older versions of Active Page Item Runtime or APIDToolAssistant around.

      Older versions of Active Page Item Runtime/APID ToolAssistant can potentially crash when they try to process data that originates from a newer version of APID ToolAssistant.

      We received a report via support@rorohiko.com where someone was experiencing crashes when trying to open documents that came from somewhere else, while they had TextExporter1.x/Active Page Item Runtime installed.

      The cause was that these documents had been 'touched' by TextExporter 2.0.7/APIDToolAssistant, and the old version did not know what to do with the TextExporter preferences that were embedded in the documents.

      A few versions ago, we made APID ToolAssistant more intelligent with regards to handling these situation. APID ToolAssistant 1.0.46 (the current version) will detect when it is presented with incompatible data from a future, higher version, and it will disable itself when it happens.

      If you have APID ToolAssistant 1.0.46 or higher installed, you should be OK, but if you still have an older version installed, or Active Page Item Runtime, please upgrade!