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    How to rename swatches name?

    (subha_oviya) Level 1
      I need to rename the swatches name.

      For ex: 05;c=0;m=50;y=0;k=0 rename this color to Color 05.

      While removing the original color name manually, it ask for replace with. How this can be done?

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          Tony Tuneson Level 1
          Its aks for 'replace with' when removing the complete Swatch manually, not just the name.
          To change the name (VB), try:

          myiddoc.Swatches.item("05;c=0;m=50;y=0;k=0").name = "Color05"
          myiddoc.Swatches.item("05;c=0;m=50;y=0;k=0").name = "Color" + left(myiddoc.Swatches.item("05;c=0;m=50;y=0;k=0").name, 2)