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    CS3 Find/Change Correction

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      Fellow Scripters--

      In several places in the Scripting Guide, I set the find/change options to nothing. This is an error. Setting the find/change preferences to nothing works; setting find/change options to nothing doesn't. It doesn't produce an error message, but it can mess up all subsequent find/change operations.

      The affected objects are:

      find change text options
      find change grep options
      find change glyph options



      Do not set any of the above to nothing, NothingEnum.nothing, idNothingEnum.idNothing, null, undefined, or anything similar.

      If you are using the FindChangeByList example script, you might want to remove the lines that do this--I'll get a revised version posted soon. The installed version works fine with the default FindChangeList.txt file, but will cause problems if you try to use more complex grep expressions.


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          Olav_Kvern@adobeforums.com wrote:

          > It doesn't produce an error message, but it can mess up all subsequent find/change operations.

          I noticed this happening and was unsure what I had done wrong. Thanks for
          clearing this up.

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            I am actually in the middle or rewriting a CS2 script for CS3 and about 70% of my script has to do with find and change (LOL lucky me).

            So if there is a problem with setting options to nothing can the issue be resolved by creating a blank preset called "blank text" "blank grep" and "blank object" and load this preset before each operation?

            I guess I am having a hard time seeing what goes wrong because the interface appear to change the options correctly when set to nothing.

            As of now most of my work will not use grep but I am sure I will have to soon. Is this issue only involve grep or can it cause havoc with text strings also?
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              mattnewell@adobeforums.com wrote:
              > As of now most of my work will not use grep but I am sure I will have to soon. Is this issue only involve grep or can it cause havoc with text strings also?

              The FindChangeGrepOption and the FindChangeTextOption definitions are nearly
              identical so you can expect them both to have the same behavior here. As a
              matter of fact, if they didn't I would be far more concerned.

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                Hi Matt,

                The find/change options objects are not the same as the find/change preferences objects. Find/change options covers things like finding text on locked layers, locked stories, footnotes, etc.--there aren't too many properties for any find/change type (there are about five for grep and glyph, and seven for text). You can set these all at once using a properties record, or set them individually--because there are so few of them, it's not a big deal. For find/change preferences, which feature a lot more properties, you can go on clearing them by setting them to nothing, just as you did in CS2.


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                  I need help to solve my issue. I am new to InDesign scripting. In myindesign CS3 document, i need to get all the text with specific character format and replace with other text with the same format. can any one help me to write code to solve this problem.
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                    I am a first day newb to scripting. I need to simply use find/change to delete several instances of text and in one case replace text with a tab in sequence. I can't seem to get the findchangelist script to even run after editing the FindChangeList.txt file. I'm using the script that shipped with the prog. where can I find a simple tutorial in kindergarten english on the subject?
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                      I am having trouble making the supplied SR script work and looking here I thought I'd get an uptodate version. However on the scripting resources page there is no download page for the CS3 example scripts. I figured I'd start troubleshooting with this. Could you post the applescript search and replace?

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                        Hi Peter,

                        It's a bit too long to paste here, but I'd be happy to send it to you. Just drop me a line--my direct email is under my user name.


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                          I am also looking for the correct FindChangeByList script. I am hoping it will also help me with some issues I am finding in creating find/change steps in an applescript script.


                          I could not find a link in the CS3 scripting downloads for the updated script and your email was showing as private, so I could not email you directly. If you will let me know how I can contact you I will be glad to email you to get the updated script.




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                            Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

                            Here is the version of the script for CS4 (it works in CS3 as well, much better than original CS3 version).



                            You can also use Martin Fisher's script to record settings from Text and GREP tabs, then copy and paste them to FindChandgeList.txt file.



                            Check out also this script: http://www.kasyan.ho.com.ua/find_change_by_queries.html