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    Automatic - XML footnotes - IDcs3 - Reg.

      Dear All

      Here I have the doubt about the XML Footnotes in IDcs3.

      (*) Is it possible to handle the xml Footnotes in CS3? [automatically placed reference page under the TextFrame. like a non-xml Footnotes]

      (*) We can placed a XML Footnotes at the bottom of the line.? But non-xml [RTF or Word] Footnotes are flexible to handle, it will placed automatically bottom of the reference number.

      sample sample sample 1

      at the page end: 1 sample footnote

      (*) First : I tried to placed but the XML Tags are removed, meanwhile InDesign shows some errors.
      (*) Second : create the non-xml Footnote, and insert the Tags content. But It was not accpeted to insert the XML Tags.

      anybody can give me the Solutions, I will appreciate

      Thanks & Regards
      T.R.Harihara SudhaN