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    Applescript that turns ON all Clipping Paths in InDesign CS3 document

      Hello All

      I've been trying for a day or 2 now to find some script (that will work without problems) that turns on ALL the clipping paths in an InDesign document.

      I've went with Applescript just because a few of us in the office know just a bit more about then our complete lack of knowledge with javascript.

      We're needing to turn on ALL the clipping paths on ALL the graphics (objects, images...whatever they're called) in the document. We are wanting the Photoshop Path used and for it to use a specific path (for instance, only use path named "Path 1").

      Since I am completely script-writing retarded...I was wondering if anyone knows anything about writing this particular script or if someone could shoot me in the right direction.

      Thanks so much!