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    [AS CS3] Export JPEG options, setting, export selection

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      Hi all,
      I am having trouble getting a JPEG export of a selected group of items to adhere to the export options I'm setting. I swear I've done the same thing with PDF export prefs and it works OK.

      I need to export a group that is selected, not the whole page, using the options I specify. Every time it's 72 dpi, and probably medium quality.

      thanks a million
      PS if the only way is to use javascript I will consider that, but Applescript is best for me.

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      tell JPEG export preferences
      set resolution to 600
      set JPEG Quality to maximum
      set JPEG Rendering style to baseline encoding
      end tell
      set myJPEGPrefs to JPEG export preferences

      export selection format JPG to "PREPCTRL-10:Users:chris.paveglio:Desktop:test.jpg"
      end tell