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    Is there any options to handel sub folder in Applescript?


      I have done a applescript for Moving and renaming PDF files from one folder to other folder choosen by the user. so that i have wrote a syntex to choose folder dialog box as "choose folder with prompt" .i need to find out only pdf files. i mean, if i choose a folder in choose folder prompt means it only choose the pdf files in the folder. and one more thing. i handled the sub folder also.


      PDFFolder -> One.pdf, Two.pdf.... i need to handell this ..

      PDFFolder -> PDFSubFolder-> One.pdf, Two.pdf..... i need to handele this also..

      (PDFFolder ->One.pdf, Two.pdf.
      ->PDFSubFolder-> One.pdf, Two.pdf.) and this too...

      Is there any chance to do this