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    (CS3 JS) script runs differently from Scripts Panel vs. ESTK2

      First things first: INDD CS3 / Javascript

      I have a strange thing happening and am wondering if y'all have run into this as well. I have a fairly simple script (primarily just find/change queries). It works like a charm when running it from ESTK2; however, when running it from the scripts panel within INDD, it skips two of the find/change queries inexplicably. 90% of the script works the same, but there are two sections of the script that seem to just not fire.

      And yes, I have made double-sure that I am running the same script and that the one I am running from ESTK2 and from INDD are the exact same, saved versions.

      Is there a fundamental difference between running from the scripts panel and firing from ESTK2? I ran both on the same template, then undid each step-by-step, and it appears that both times the script ran the queries in the same order; however, when it hit a certain spot in the script, one version (the one fired from ESTK2) shows where the text was deleted, and the other looks like it did nothing.

      Is this something that any of you have run across as well? If necessary, I can post the code; however, I figured at this point, I would just ask the general theoretical question of why there might be a difference.

      Matt Hollowell