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    CS2, AS: Output: Separation preview.


      I already have done a quick check but in case someone could help:

      Is it possible to automate the separation preview process or even do it for real (ex. output blue plate as jpeg).

      From the Indd document, i generate two different logical plates (image and text) and it's done within Indesing using layer separation (so that if we hide the corresponding layer we can have a quick preview of what will appear on corresponding plates).

      I need to automate the validation of the final CMYK plate, by exemple if text plate generate C-M-Y plates, it's a problem for me.

      It's usually handled very late in our workflow (text plate to pdf and then cmyk plate validation)and i'm looking for ways to detect the trouble when the document is opened by user so that it can be corrected right then.

      I will check what is possible by myself, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated!