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    Indesign tables - Need to increase prices by a percentage somehow?


      We are setting up a document that will include a lot of tables for a range of different products.

      The last 2 columns in the tables are for prices and delivery. We need to be able to increase the prices in the Indesign tables easily as and when we need to as the prices increase/decrease for products.

      The increase will most likely be global and by a certain percentage.

      How would we set up the tables/data to be able to do this?

      I'm guessing some kind of external file is fed into Indesign, like XML or Excel, so we can change the prices externally and they are then 'pulled' into Indesign.

      Please help!

      Thanks in advance
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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
          There is at least 2 approaches for you problem and I am sure other pals here will find a few more.

          Firstable, if you have variable prices that you need to hav up to date into Indesign. Xml may be a way to accomplish that. It will ask for a little pain establishing the tags unless you place the tags via a script. On this point, I let specialists tell you how much that is possible.
          But anytime you need to update you just have to reload the xml datas to have your prices up to date.

          A second approach is the "global" reevaluation of the prices. A script could easily (I guess so), identify all your prices (find by style "price"), then convert the text "$28" to a value, multiply it, convert back to text and replace the text. It will be processed into Indesign but will be limited to a specific global amount.

          I am certain more aknowledged people will tell you more precise things, but I would be glad to try helping if you just precise me if teh approaches I introduced you match to your thoughts.