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    Export as resized JPG

      Hi Guys,
      I am trying to find a way to export a page as a resized jpg (150px width, 219px height) All the contents of the page also have to be resized. So a perfect thumbnail is produced.

      This will be happening on the fly as the page is saved so the script cannot interfere with performance to much.

      I have spent hours on this now can anyone please help me?
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          Working in Applescript or JS or VB? What's your script so far? Must it *always* be 150x219? If you can live with some leeway then you can set the JPEG Export Preference to be any dpi you need, even if it's odd like 274dpi.
          FWIW, the performance will depend on the complexity of the page. Lots of transparency and overlaps and large images will be slower to process than a page with nothing but text.
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            There will always be a processing "cost"..

            Having used this feature (export as jpeg), be cautious that the results are not very reliable (color profile, resolution of image within the spread), but it should be fine enough for a preview/thumbnail. I have exemple of exporting the same spread image in the same script give me two different images, with un-noticeable image tearing (i discovered the problem by a automated visual compare of the image).
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              Hi Guys,
              Thanks heaps for your input. The script needs to be in VBScript as there is also a chance it will be VB.net.

              The script I have at the moment resizes each page item using a loop then resizes the page and exports as a jpg. This is no good to me because the jpg needs to be output when the page is saved so it also involves resizing page items back to original so the user can continue to work.

              I don't really care to much about the quality of the exported jpg(or gif I suppose) as long as all page items are viewable.

              The size just needs to be close

              I like the sound of the DPI theory whoever I don't understand the maths to calculate the correct output
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                Why not just export a page as jpg-file and then open, resize and save it in Photoshop?

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                  Considering that you are doing this with VB, there is surely a existing control that you could use for post-processing, less flexible than photoshop but i will be more "invisible". Ask for this on your favorite vb forum! :)

                  So you would have:
                  1) export as jpeg from indesign
                  2) post-processing (resize) in you vb app and save to the appropriate folder.
                  3) delete temp indesign image.

                  You could also look at server side implementation (php + image processing lib (image magik by ex.)) wich could make sense if it's intended for a CMS.
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                    That's frustrating. I wish they would add export options to enable additional configuration. 

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                      Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      This thread is about 10 years old!


                      Depending on your version of InDesign there are export options.

                      With ExtendScript look into app.jpegExportPreferences .


                      For CS6 see here:

                      Adobe InDesign CS6 (8.0) Object Model JS: JPEGExportPreference