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    Export selection as JPEG with link name

    Brad Walrod Level 1
      A client needs all the artwork for a job I'm working on to be saved as 72 dpi JPEGs. Although I'm happy to just upload my art folders to their FTP site and let them deal with it, it occurred to me that there might be a better way.

      As it happens, all the images in question are in frames with one of four object styles applied to them (off the top of my head: Figure, Photo, FeaturePhoto, and BehindPhoto (the latter, perhaps, not being what you think).)

      It seems like this would be eminently scriptable, but I'm wondering about the naming of the files. I thought something like this might already exist, but I haven't found anything on my hard drive, in my e-mail archives, or on the InterWeb.

      Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance.