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    Export or Rename PDFs with title based on content

      I haven't done any scripting in Indesign before but it was suggested I pose this question to the scripting forum.

      I created a template document using the Data Merge feature of Indesign. I used the template and Data Merge to create a file that has 700+ pages and each page really needs to be a stand alone document.

      I know if I just use the export feature I can export each page as its own eps file. The problem is that when I do that they all have the same file name with a sequential number to differentiate them.

      Is their a way to use one of the line items that is derived from the data merge file to name the files.

      Basically, each of these pages is a different production part and rather than having 700+ files that are named prodpart_xxx.eps I would like to have each be named after its part number that can be found in the original excel file.