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    How do I import an InDesign tagged text file into multiple pages and export as .ps or .pdf using Jav

      I have an InDesign tagged text file I've translated from .xml. I need to automate the following steps:
      1 - access specific InDesign template (eg. ABC_template.ind)
      2 - import tagged text file into InDesign
      3 - autoflow text to END of document (normally around 3-5 pages)
      4 - save document as either .ps or .pdf file
      5 - where the input file stub name matches the output stub name (eg., OrigName.txt outputs as OrigName.pdf).

      I would like to completely automate this whole process using JavaScript (because I don't know anyone that knows AppleScript). I've automated the first part using a perl script. I've been trying to find sample snipits of JavaScript that would do one or more of the items listed above, but am having a hard time finding what I need.

      Please, I'm desperate!! Can any of you InDesign scripting guru's out there help me??

      Thanks in advance!!