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    [JS CS3] e é è ë a à o ô, just all the same

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
      Hi all,

      b I have a indesign document with several pages.
      There are business cards.
      i As people are recruited when other move, the order of these pages is always moving. So when I have to correct a data, I have to seek for the page.

      That's why
      b I wrote a script for my own purpose that
      requests me for the name i am asking and then
      b point to the page,
      so I don't bother seeking anymore.

      However, and that's the goal of this topic,
      b I have to deal with accents.
      In france, people may have accentuation in their names and jerome is not the same string as Jérôme.

      b So, I would like to make my life simple and then just enter jerome and then the script should consider that jerome could be jérome, jèrome, jêrome, jërome, jérôme...
      So it's not only checking for a string to exist but also any declinations that should be made with accents.

      b Is it that conceivable ?

      Thanks a lot for advice