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    Merging in InDesign

      Need help with javascript, trying to select a data source (.txt) to merge with indd. The merge fields are for an address block (two lines only) in a text frame, these will be the first two fields in the txt data source eg address1, address2. Trying to use - DataMergeFields.anyItem and selectDataSource, but can't get the function right.
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          Hi Yong Su Jun

          I am new to scripting but working hard at learning. The following snippet probably won't solve your need immediately but might help. It has worked for me so far but I haven't tested yet in the real world. This was pulled and modified from this forum. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

          var mydataMergeProperties = app.activeDocument.dataMergeProperties;
          var selectDataSource = "Data Merge: *.txt";
          var myDataSource = File.openDialog("your message here");

          This bit assumes that you want to have a dialog to browse to your data source, you could replace with the path.

          I hope this helps.