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    WebHelp Output files distribution and deployment regarding

    Radha Renga

      I am just starting to try, learn RH7 to generate WebHelp.
      I successfully did a very simple and basic test project and our developer displayed the topic help on pressing F1.

      Our application is a backoffice payment system. Currently the application is deployed on the Application Server which is Macromedia JRUN 4 with the OS - MS Windows 2003 std edition SP1.

      My compnay is planning for the following:
      The application shall be deployed on the Application Server Weblogic 10x on a UNIX box (could be IBX AIX/HP UX).
      The application is bundled as .WAR.

      Could you please clarify this for us?
      - Should the WebHelp output folder be bundled along with the above .WAR?
      - Can the Help files reside on Application server or the Web Server (only the Help not the application) and
      can still work effectively? (We prefer the Help to be on the App Server tho')

      Well, if I am not clear, I'll be glad to get you more details.

      Thanks in advance for your help.
      Radha Renganathan