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    All versions of InDesign:  startup script?

    JADarnell Level 1
      While I am working the other problem I am having with my script (see my addition to the forum on 2 September 2008), I thought I might query the forum for one more piece of information? The script I am working on I will want to run every time InDesign is opened. I looked at the Events chapter in the CS3 reference manual, and though it is a powerful tool, it seems to only address events after InDesign is up and running. Is there a way to make InDesign run a script automatically, right after opening up? Additionally, I will want to run this script in all three versions of InDesign. I'll bet that if I just name a script with a certain name and put it in the correct folder, the problem will be taken care of (I seem to remember the same mentioned at a seminar I attended), but I cannot find the documentation that tells me what the name is or where it (the script) should be stored.