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    JS CS2 Call out specific image in script

      I've never had to do anything with images in scripting, and I'm unclear whether I need to use "links", "images", "graphics"...so I came here. For everything I've found here so far, people are dealing with all images in a document. I just want to perform an action on a specific image, not all. (example: "logo.eps")

      I have the same image in each document twice - once on the left master page and once on the right master page. It's a logo, and we've just added the registered mark to it, so we need to update it on all of our documents. The new image is the same name, so I need to:
      *Update both links to the image
      *Fit frame to content to both (the (R) makes the logo wider)
      *On the left-hand master page, 'fit frame to content' widens the frame to the right. I need the right edge of the logo to stay on the right margin

      I don't want to "fit frame to content" for all images, because some frames for other images may have been purposely sized--I don't want those to change.

      Suggestions? (Unfortunately, we're still on CS2)