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    InDesign Image Sizing

      Hi All,

      I've created a script to automatically place images from a folder onto pages in InDesign CS3. I'm looking for a way to specify the image size when the pics are placed on rectangle objects. I just want them at eg, 33%, but haven't found any info anywhere.

      Here is the relative fragment of my code:

      [applescript]set thisPicFrame to (make rectangle of page pagenumber with properties {geometric bounds:myImageBounds})
      place item pagenumber of PicList on thisPicFrame
      --create pic box on current page, and place next image into it from dropped folder
      -- this is the MEAT of the whole script!

      if imageSizing is 0 then
      fit thisPicFrame given proportionally
      -- fit image to frame in proportion - all of image appears in pic box - THIS WORKS FINE

      else if imageSizing is 2 then
      fit thisPicFrame given fill proportionally
      -- size image just enough to fill all pic box - THIS WORKS FINE

      else if imageSizing is 1 then

      -- want to size image at exactly 100%
      end if[/applescript]

      Thanks if you can help,