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    Old InDesign Scripts

    Tim McLaren Level 1
      I have been trying to get some Calendar .JS scripts running from Adobe Exchange. I suspect they are a little old because when I double click on them for a brief second you see the computer think and then stop. I have tried this on 5 separate scripts.

      I was advised that creating folders labelled "Version 3.0 Scripts" or "Version 4.0 Scripts" will attempt to run the scripts in a legacy way. I did this but still had the same problem.

      I don't know any .JS scripting so cant run simple tests to see if the folders are working.

      Can any body please suggest a solution or at least a bit of code to test to see if my script "Version 3.0 Scripts" or "Version 4.0 Scripts" are working (say like a dialogue box that pops up to say that it is working when I run it).