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    Indesign with Delphi

      Dear Delphi-Friends:

      There is a picture image frame in an Adobe Indesign CS3 document INTO which I want to load a picture from a folder (path known).
      As a beginner, I dont know exactly how to access the OLE-container with Indesign. How can I get to the document and then address the image frame?

      With a button in my Delphi Program, I would like to insert the image into an already created Indesign document where the image fame is already placed. So, I know the document, I know the frame. How can I bring my image into this frame.

      Actually there are 5 image frames with text frames underneath. I think if I know how to address the image frames, I could adapt the routine to load text into the text frames in a similar way.

      If somebody has something to start with, I would be very grateful.